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  • Guest specialists – face to face or by video links on a whole range of topics designed to build business knowledge and confidence.
  • A personality profile with Anita Noyes-Smith of Virgin Astrology spread over 3 Skype sessions. These will highlight your strengths, gifts and what energies are working in your favour.
  • A posting on the Pilgrim Mothers community website alongside the women entrepreneurs in my books.
  • An opportunity to be interviewed by me for podcasts.
  • Want to inspire yourself and others?



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What Women Say About Pilgrim Mother Mentoring Programme


“Amazing, brilliant & magical”

What an AMAZING meeting today!!

Thank you so much Jane and my other brilliant, gorgeous new found friends  -

I feel really privileged to be part of it and to be guided by yourself!!

There is a wonder-filled feeling already about it. Quite Magical actually - and we have only just begun.

I say hold on it’s going to be a sparkletastic journey xxx


Suryah Magda Ray

Yoga Teacher, Co-founder of DanSing




“One of the most inspiring and magical days of my life”

I have just returned from one of the most inspiring and magical days of my life! This may sound a bit over the top, however, it has truly been an exceptional day. Five women; all very different, but with one thing in common - Jane Noble Knight. We are the Pilgrim Mothers. In one day, we had supported, encouraged, listened and laughed (a lot of laughing; and the odd tear) but by the end of the day, we had cemented a group of strangers into a 'family' who will continue to help and support each other over the next nine months. This is undeniable proof of the power of women. Put the right women together, and the world has no boundaries!

Thank you Jane x


Sue Wilkinson

Owner, Kiss Jewellery and Charmingly British




“I walked out a different person”

Wow where do I begin?  It was like the feeling of coming home.  I walked out a different person with a great strength that came across during the course of the day.  It was very enlightening.  The group as a whole fell in love with each other instantly as a soul connection had taken place.  Everyone in each other’s presence was open, honest and shared their life experiences, strengths and weaknesses and drawbacks.  We then set out instantly guiding softly, assisting, caring and helping each other in the way that was required by each individual.


It was a group of comfort openness and a very trusting atmosphere. Although there was a lot of personal growth, there was a parallel great impact on the ideas and steps required in moving the business forward in the way that would be required for each individual.  We left with a sense of confidence in knowing how we would need to move our own businesses forward.  We had a sense of the steps that would next be required to be taken.  I am confident that this is going to make a huge impact on my own personal development hence the great success that will follow on to Rose Law Solicitors.  


The presence of Jane is Angelic and motherly, it almost already feels as if questions are already answered in some form.  It was as if once you are healed and remove your own fears and believe in your self, great things are going to start to happen and that prosperity and abundance are going to start freely flowing.  It was like being part of a family all who are going to care and help each other build great personalities and great success stories.  Thank you Jane for bringing us together which is going to lead to amazing individuals and their amazing stories.  It’s like all my dreams are going to come true!!!!


Rosy Banger

Rose Law Solicitors




“A great day”

I attended Jane's mentoring group yesterday - what a great day! A fun, supportive group; well controlled and supported by Jane. If you need some support then I would heartily recommend this group to you.


Anna Goodwin

Anna Goodwin Accountancy




“Fantastic support network”

I decided to set up my own business in April 2013 after having an 8 year career break. In that time I had 3 children and became absorbed in the world of children and housework! However I always knew that this wasn’t my ultimate destiny and once my third child turned 2 years old I started to think about what preparations I could make in order to avoid a ‘redundant’ feeling once all 3 children were at school full-time. 


I wanted to use my experience and qualifications to their full potential so I re-joined the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and also became a member of WiRE as it came recommended to do so.  It was through this fantastic networking organisation that I met Jane Noble Knight. I did a small presentation to one of the meetings and afterwards she approached me about helping her with a marketing strategy and taking all her ideas forward. I jumped at the chance because I was very keen to get some recent experience under my belt and increase my confidence.


Jane invited me to join the Pilgrim Mother mentoring group at Goldstone Hall.  With this came the opportunity of having an astrology reading from Anita Noyes-Smith in South Africa. I had never had anything like this done before and found it an amazing experience. She was so accurate and it gave me the assurance I needed that I was on the right path in life. It gave me confidence to go forward with my plans for the future. 


The mentoring group is a fantastic support network which gives every individual plenty of opportunity to talk through any problems or obstacles that are often in the way when you have your own business. Jane is always there should you need to talk about anything further and I look forward to the sessions every month. It is in a relaxed and tranquil setting which gives the ideal setting to discuss and listen to the various issues we are currently facing.


Since joining the group I haven’t looked back. I have helped other members with their marketing issues and problems and learned a lot from everybody. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone who is on their new journey or who is thinking of starting one.


Eleanor Piredda

Making Marketing Sense




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