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About Me

I am Jane Noble Knight. A successful woman in my own right but I’ve been on quite a journey to get here.

I’ve been a wife, mother and led learning and development teams within major companies.

Juggling with the demands of work and family life meant I lost perspective. I felt as though there was more to life and when redundancy was offered, I seized upon the opportunity to discover what was out there.

I began to uncover family history in my quest to find who I really was and along the way found some amazing inspiring women. I became fascinated by them and their stories and largely go unnoticed and unrecognised.

I went on a pilgrimage to find out more, travelling in my motorhome, seeking untold stories and giving recognition to real people.







Where The Journey Started

My journey started here on BBC One's House Swap...





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“…there’s an ocean of abundance. We just have to choose abundance – in limitless oceans, not tiny puddles.”


Jane Noble Knight