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Jane Noble Knight, the pilgrim mother, inspires us on Bertrand Dory's show


A Journey of a quest: the quest of our inner calling, of what our Soul desire!
And this is the journey that Jane is sharing with us on this show.
We all have gifts, talents and abilities waiting to be discovered, and offered to the world… and it is a calling deep inside of us. This is the path for greater fulfilment and at some level, we all know this, but we are repressing it inside of us, and most of us never really get a chance to live with this type of energy in our lives.
This is why this conversation is truly amazing, as it WILL move you deep inside of you! The journey of a Pilgrim Mother, who is sharing her journey and putting under the spotlight the journey of amazing other women who have been on the same path!
Listen to it, soak the conversation and start to feel what inside of you is starting to emerge, what gift is to be used, and get ready for your journey of re-discovery (and it can happen in your life today).



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Do You Dream of Becoming A Best-Selling Author?

“Look for what makes you come alive … and do more of it. Therein lies your gift to the world – and the key to your happiness.”


Jane Noble Knight